Canvas, high glossy varnish
Format: 80 x 100 cm

This painting illustrate anger, frustration and emotional pain originated out of powerlessness against falls accusations. A wild fire of wrath burns inside me, flames lashing furiously in all directions. Such heat destroys not only the enemy but the carrier as well.

I seek spiritual enlightenment for my agony. A bible text catches my attention: Ephesians 6. It asks me to put on the armour of faith so I can protect myself against the burning arrows of hate from my enemy. The story tells that I do not fight against people but negative powers and dark forces of the spiritual world. To stay upright I am instructed to always tell the truth, to act with love, to trust and I am obliged to bring peace.

 Easier said than done!

It takes years before I am able to forgive my enemy and myself. In the end I regard my enemy as angles in the play of life. They teach me to become a more conscious human being, to contemplate my own conduct and, if necessary, change. A heart appears in the middle of the shield, the lashing flames retreat.